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being carried toward stockton, sacramento. sea breeze is back. temperatures to the 50s this evening. and high clouds will fill in during the day tomorrow. overall, monday will look a lot like today. increasing high clouds through the afternoon and very likely mostly cloudy skies. heading into the evening. temperatures tomorrow running a little bit cooler, we'll start off in the 40s. by lunchtime, 50s to low 60s, and highs for most of the bay area tomorrow in the mid to upper 60s. the changes we'll start to see, not impacting your monday, tuesday and wednesday, the system still on track to begin some light rainfall at times. we go to tuesday afternoon to wednesday. and seeing the rain spreading across the south bay. into the north bay, steadiest rain tuesday night on into wednesday morning. as soon as it splits off toward the east, the second half of the forecast warmer and drier as we head toward next weekend. rainfall projections, tuesday to wednesday, mainly a half inch of rain or less. not a big soaking event, but much needed. hopefully will knock down some of the pollen we're ex
idea like tracie or stockton would be a better place to have veteran housing but why not here. >> the plan for veteran housing is a long way from becoming a reality. heaton must get to the owners of the land, convince them to sell it and the city to build housing. >>> this will break your heart. a few months after he beat lymphoma, a 6-year-old boy is fighting for his life again against leukemia. he needs a bone marrow transplant to save his life. the leukemia is aggressive and chemotherapy will not cure it. the family has been told there are not many people of hispanic descent in the current database. finding a match will be extremely challenging. eduardo's classmates and teachers are spreading the word about finding a bone marrow match. the family hopes their son's story will inspire others to answer the call. >> i'm really convinced we can find it and save him and do whatever we need to do to convince the people to do the test. >> a bone marrow drive for eduardo will happen at river glen school next friday march 29th. it will start at 2:30 in the afternoon and end at 7:00.
, concord, livermore, stockton and santa rosa are all on the list of possible closures. >>> it is the eternal quest. now palo alto city council looking for a solution to the city's parking problem. residents say it's reached a saturation point and things are about to get worse as the new downtown development continues. according to enforcement, the palo alto city council will look at additional proposal, including permits at city garages. they will consider a valet program at another garage putting parking restrictions in residential neighborhoods and building a brand-new parking structure. >> i had lunch in palo alto, come to think of it, on friday. we were able to sit outside. today we can do that but probably not tomorrow. >> lucky you. her and zuckerberg, right? >> roll with it. >> we have a good day shaping up. marla is right, rain coming in. outdoor lunch plans on the water, much better conditions. a live look over san francisco. the bay bridge there. conditions on the bay glassy but those won't last as winds pick up ahead of the storm system. it doesn't move in u
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3